This Week in Black: LHHNY’s Shady Vacation, 'The Quad' Shuts It Down, 'Star' Attends a Rachet Cookout

(Photo: Vh1,Carin Baer/FOX, Annette Brown/BET)

This Week in Black: LHHNY’s Shady Vacation, 'The Quad' Shuts It Down, 'Star' Attends a Rachet Cookout

Shots were fired during this week’s round-up on television.

Published February 3, 2017

Black television this week was hella dramatic. You got L&HH girls cutting up in Mexico, Anika Noni Rose slaying the small screen at an HBCU and a Black cookout that was too trill for a white girl. Check out all that went down on the TV this week!

  1. 'LHHNY' girls can’t even keep it cute in Cancun

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    Oh, don’t you just love it when reality stars go on cray-cray on vacay? It seems like any time folks want to travel they forget to pack their composure. Sparks flew in Cancun as the girls from Love & Hip Hop seemed to come through with all the madness. Your favorite drama queen Yandy made it a point to have beef with just about everyone. You would think all the baby mama drama in NYC would have given her some chill in Mexico...but no fue muy bueno. It got muy caliente real quick. First, Yandy and Kimbella argued over her hubby Juelz Santana’s schedule. Yandy is his manager and clearly she wasn’t doing a good job of keeping business with him separate from being besties with Kimbella at the same damn time. A brunch and some tears finally quashed the tension until later that night, when Yandy comes for Juju, Cam’ron’s bae, over a book she’s writing. Sidenote: Juju looks just like Gabrielle Union. Seriously, they look like twins. Back to the mess: Yandy assumed that Juju wrote some parts of her book about personal info that she told her, but she denies it. In a nutshell, these girls had a heated back and forth more sizzling than the Cancun beach they were vacationing at and now we have to wait and see if they resolve it. Another brunch and tears, anyone? I’ll wait.

  2. 'The Quad' isn’t 'Drumline,' y’all, it’s 'Scandal: HBCU edition'

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    Just when you thought Black History Month was lit after Bey’s pregnancy comes BET with a new show that’s hella Black and oh so lit. Don’t get it twisted: The Quad isn’t a cutesy, inspirational Drumline remake – this is in a league of its own. Anytime you can get a Broadway goddess like Anika Noni Rose to get off the stage and come through and slay the TV screen – you know it’s gotta be legit. Invisible pearls were clutched when her character Dr. Eva Fletcher, who is now the president of GAMU (oop, they tried it), is dealing with haters while having a secret love affair with one of the students. Chile, I wasn’t ready for Dr. Fletcher to be getting this bad and boujee on the first episode. But let’s be real here, if this character was played by a man, y’all wouldn’t be too up in arms. Clearly she got her PhD in more places than just one. Well, next to freaky study breaks and trifling board members, she’s gotta make this money to save this crumbling university. Will she save the day and spare my edges? Guess I will have to drop everything and find out every Wednesday night for now on.  

  3. 'Star' learns that a Black cookout isn’t always the place to show out

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    So Lee Daniels’s new show Star has been reeling me in every week in an awkward way. I watch it for eye-candy Tyrese (whose playing a minister dating Queen Latifah, OK) and to see all of these dance numbers and decent vocal stunts. But I also watch it to see how this wannabe trill white girl named Star finds a thousand and one ways to get herself caught up. Well, this time around she decided to go to a Black cookout uninvited. Excuse me? So you just thought you was going to roll up in a sacred space in the culture, enter from the kitchen (not the backyard), pick at their food and keep your newgrown? Going to a Black cookout with an uninvited white guest is like bringing somebody’s ex to their new bae’s wedding – it’s not a good idea. In fact, it’s asking for problems. Folks weren’t feeling Star as she realized, like Dorothy, that she wasn’t in Kansas anymore. The drunk grandma at the cookout got her together faster than she could apologize and if it wasn’t for Quincy Brown helping to spare her the embarrassment at the function, things could have gotten worse. Somebody warn homegirl next time.

    Until next week, Black America, when vacationing, leave the drama at home, show love for all HBCUs (including imaginary ones) and put some respect on Black cookouts!

    See a clip from The Quad, above.

Written by Ernest Owens

(Photo: Vh1,Carin Baer/FOX, Annette Brown/BET)


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