Not Everyone Was Feeling Gary Owen's Joke About Adele

Not Everyone Was Feeling Gary Owen's Joke About Adele

Some people need a better sense of humor.

Published February 13, 2017

Many were shocked that Beyoncé didn't win the Grammy for the coveted Album of the Year category during last night's ceremony — even the victor, Adele.

After the "Hello" singer explained that she shared the same sentiments as most viewers, that Queen Bey was more deserving, she directly addressed the "Love Drought" singer in a speech that thanked her for making Lemonade, which she called a "soul-baring" body of work.

After seeing her speech, comedian Gary Owen took it upon himself to invite Adele to the next cookout, but his executive decision upset some folks on Twitter.

Take a look at what he tweeted, below, and how he responded to the clap back. Loosen up, folks!

  1. Black Twitter made sure to remind Owen that while he's got a lifetime invitation, he's not in charge of the guest list on account that he's a guest himself.

    Take a look, below:

Watch more with Gary Owen in the video, above.

Written by John Justice

(Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images)


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