This Week in Black: Missy Rocks Star, Dr. Fletcher Gets Messy, Olivia Pope Is Cold-Blooded

(Photos from left:Wilford Harewood/FOX, BET, ABC/Eric McCandless)

This Week in Black: Missy Rocks Star, Dr. Fletcher Gets Messy, Olivia Pope Is Cold-Blooded

Bad and bouji is one way to describe this week’s round-up on television.

Published February 17, 2017

Black television this week was a little too lit for TV — Dr. Fletcher can’t seem to get it right on The Quad, while Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott reunites with Queen Latifah for a hip-hop diva cameo that we weren’t expecting, and Olivia Pope goes extra hard.

Check out all the mess that went down this week!

  1. Missy E came through with the brief cameo on 'Star'

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    I gotta give it to Lee Daniels, the brotha knows how to bring the star power on his shows. Who else can get Mariah, Tyrese, Chris Rock, Gladys Knight, and many others on the same set? I’ll wait. But perhaps our favorite surprise was seeing Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott randomly stroll through the screen on this week’s episode of Star like she isn’t one of the most influential MCs of all time. Her guest appearance actually made sense as Star’s on-again off-again bae brought her out as a way to impress her. So there Missy was with the stylish iconic jumpsuit and over-the-top bob — so dramatic it covered most of Missy’s eyes during most of the scene, but real fans know that she wouldn’t have wanted anyway else. It was interesting seeing her play a character named “Pumpkin,” who so happened to remember Carlotta (Queen Latifah’s character) from way back when. Their trip down memory lane was such a cute, subtle gesture to remind us all that Missy is coming back and ready to slay. We may or may not have played “Work It” and “Lose Control” nonstop right after the show... judge your mama.  

  2. Dr. Fletcher is taking some major Ls on 'The Quad'

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    Dr. Fletcher, get your life together. We were rooting for you girl, we really were... but you stay breaking my heart. When you went into your what was supposed to be your former male mistress’s house and told him it was over — IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN OVAH! Let’s make this clear, your husband just filed divorce because you was skipping class and showing that a*s for your former student. This boy now follows you to GAMU and still trying to holla. And what do you do? You fall for it and let him back in. We can’t with you, Eva! We're gonna have to call a Iyanla and get her to fix your life ASAP. You got too much going on — a hating board of trustees, a disrespectful daughter, a football team that needs some work — to be adding this drama in your life. Sigh. Hopefully, you will come to your senses fast. We will be having you in our prayers.

  3. Olivia Pope out here leaving folks for dead on 'Scandal'

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    Oh, Liv — when you are ready to slay, you slay. Ase. Yet, we were not ready for you to leave Cyrus, your friend/enemy, to the coffin. This episode of Scandal was a head banger. At one point, you don’t know if Ms. Pope is trying to clear Cyrus of assassinating his presidential running-mate or if she is trying to frame the murder on him to get her client (another old foe) to replace him. When Cyrus called you from a jail cell after being told he was sentenced to the death penalty, you laid in that bed unbothered and cold. He was begging and pleading, and you had that look when of a mama who’s like, “Don’t call me now, when your behind should’ve listened to me earlier.” Well she gave him old-fashioned “lose my number” when she hung up that phone after telling him she’s a friend. Bad and boogie, Liv. Mad and ruthless, girl.

    Until next week, Black America — stay faithful and smart about who you deal with and don’t be so swift to hang up on a homie... especially when they’re locked up.

Catch up on all of the drama at GAMU with The Quad, above.

Written by Ernest Owens

(Photos from left:Wilford Harewood/FOX, BET, ABC/Eric McCandless)


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