Amina Makes an Orgy Confession About Peter Gunz

Amina Makes an Orgy Confession About Peter Gunz

The reality star also says he wants her back.

PUBLISHED ON : FEBRUARY 23, 2017 / 03:15 PM

Amina Buddafly isn't done talking about her relationship with Peter Gunz.

Speaking with Rocsi Diaz and Nina Parker on the debut episode of their new podcast Little Black Dress, the reality star dished on her personal life and even spilled the beans on her breaking point with Peter and a unique sexual experience they had with a few other people.

"When he had the baby on me [while we were married] and I had just gone through the termination, from that moment on... I still didn't leave right away, but it was completely broken," she said of their relationship. "Really from that moment on, it was over with... I'm making the choice not to go back because he still asks me all the time to move back to New York."

Keeping it 100, Amina even went on to reveal that the night before they got married, they participated in an orgy together.

"I will forever remember that night," she said. "[In the book], I talk about taking a pill and stuff like that, which I did. If you really read it, I only said I got drunk, I got high and I talk about myself. He was there."

The reality star also opened up about rumors of her struggling to leave Peter because of his sexual prowess, why she thinks he can't get it right and being open to dating again.

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Written by John Justice

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