Comedian Michael Blackson Blasts the Shade Room for a Leaked Sex Tape

MIAMI, FL - MAY 27: Comedian Michael Blackson performs during the 5th Annual Memorial Weekend Comedy Festival at James L Knight Center on May 27, 2012 in Miami, Florida. (Photo: Vallery Jean/WireImage)

Comedian Michael Blackson Blasts the Shade Room for a Leaked Sex Tape

All jokes aside...

PUBLISHED ON : MARCH 31, 2017 / 03:00 PM

It's usually all fun and games in Michael Blackson's world, but things got serious pretty fast earlier this week when an alleged sex tape of the comedian surfaced. Now, he's claiming the leak of the explicit video might have cost him his fiancée and more.

The video shows a full-frontal Blackson in what looks like a hotel room with a woman who is not his lady, Georgia Reign. The comedian is now copping to the indiscretion, but says the video is several years old and was made with an ex-girlfriend who is now angry because she "misses the mutombo."

Blackson admitted to being the man in the video but cleared up a few of the details...

He then put both his ex and the Shade Room, which first released the clip, on full blast:

But saved a few words for his leading lady:

She called me a black beech and said she got tired of fucking me with stadium lights

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Is this all a big joke, or for real? With Blackson, we may never know. 

Watch a throwback interview of MB during BET Awards weekend, above.

Written by John Justice

(Photo: Vallery Jean/WireImage)


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