Tiny’s BFF Shekinah Shares Horrific Story of Being Abused by Her Ex

ATLANTA, GA - APRIL 22: Shekinah Jo attends the "Honest" Album Release party at Vanquish on April 22, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo: Prince Williams/FilmMagic)

Tiny’s BFF Shekinah Shares Horrific Story of Being Abused by Her Ex

The reality star explained everything on IG Live.

Published April 26, 2017

Shekinah Jo Anderson, reality star and best friend of Tameka "Tiny" Harris, recently alleged in a now-deleted Instagram post that she was physically abused by an ex-boyfriend.

According to theJasmineBRAND.com, the day after the incident, though the photo was removed from her account, fans continued to share their thoughts on Shakinah's decision to post the picture, causing her to take to Instagram Live to explain why she did.

The photo, which continues to make its rounds on third party Instagram accounts, shows Anderson with a visible mark around her left eye. Take a look below:

Our prayers are with #Shekinah!

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Taking to IG Live, she explained everything in great detail.

"Yesterday, I was not in a good space. A lot of people called and text me and I thank you for the love and support," she said. "I'm real. I don't know if any of y'all know that, and I don't have anything to hide from none of y'all. Right now, I'm sitting over here messed up and I'm going through it. However, I feel like I owe it to y'all because I put it out there to explain my situation."

She went on to expound on what happened between her and her alleged abuser, and added that she "did call the police."

"I called the police before I went on Instagram," she clarified. "I got pissed off at the police because they weren't coming. I was like, 'Hey, somebody needs to know what this man has done to me.' I don't approve of no woman getting their a** beat."

Shekinah even divulged a little more about the volatile relationship, saying this was not the first occurrence of domestic violence. In fact, she admitted that she initiated the violence the first time they butted heads.

"The first time me and this young man got into it, we were tussling, because I was hitting him," she said. "He accused me of something and I popped him. I was wrong. I take that. The second time, he mushed me in my face before I went to The Real. Let's get it clear. I didn't get my a** beat. I got mushed in my face. That was wrong too. Nobody don't deserve to be mushing nobody in the face."

Shekinah recently called into the Wendy Williams Show to add that she is no longer involved with the man in question.

Watch her full Instagram Live clip here.

Written by John Justice

(Photo: Prince Williams/FilmMagic)


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