Woman in the Middle of the Matt Jordan and Peter Thomas's Brawl Speaks Out

Woman in the Middle of the Matt Jordan and Peter Thomas's Brawl Speaks Out

Radio personality Ms. Jessica had a front row seat.

PUBLISHED ON : MAY 22, 2017 / 03:14 PM

Some of the most intense drama from Real Housewives of Atlanta this past season occurred far away from the reality show's cameras. Matt Jordan and Peter Thomas's brawl during a radio interview in Charlotte, North Carolina, had been shrouded in mystery until a tape of the incident surfaced last week. 

In the clip, we saw a woman trying desperately to diffuse the escalating tension between the two RHOA stars. Now, The Jasmine Brand has talked to the woman to get her take on what really went down. 

The radio personality who was interviewing Matt and Peter is speaking out for the first time to share how everything went down from her perspective. The incident, we now know, started from a conversation, quickly got heated and wound up becoming a physical altercation between the two stars.

"There was no set up in this at all. I originally reached out and asked for a phone interview. That was it. The story was hot at the time with them going back and forth in the blogs, so I wanted to reach out and get his [Matt’s] side of the story. That was it. He was the one that offered to drive up from Atlanta on that day," Ms. Jessica explained. "In this business, of course you want the in-person interview. At that time, I said to him, ‘I am also going to invite Peter to come. I’m not in the business of setting anybody up but I think it would be good if both of you all can sit down and have this conversation.’ He said okay."

She continued, "I reached out to Peter. Peter originally said no he was not going to come. I reached back out, told Matt, and he said ‘okay no problem.’ The next day, Peter called me back and said ‘never mind I do want to come in for the interview.’ I immediately hung up [and] called Matt back and told him he [Peter] is coming. Everybody was clear as to what was going to take place from beginning to end. It was clear that it was going to be a conversation."

Ms. Jessica went on to explain how she tried to diffuse the situation when things started getting heated between the two stars. "Prior to this [being a radio personality], I worked for years in the school system. In schools, they have fights and my job in the school system was…breaking things up," she said. "Not to say that a school fight is equivalent to two grown men fighting. I coordinated this interview and I was responsible for it. At that time, I ran out to try to get some help and I ran back in. It was just instinct for me to sort of break it up because I felt responsible for it. You really just don’t know how you’re going to react until you’re put in the situation like that."

She continued, "Everybody can see what happened. But there was 20 minutes of an interview where we were actually sitting down and we were talking and at the most, we thought that it would be an argument. We never thought that it would actually get physical or anything like that."

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Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photos from left: FayesVision/WENN.com, Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)


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