[Exclusive] Here’s What Men Can Learn From the Message of 'Wonder Woman'

[Exclusive] Here’s What Men Can Learn From the Message of 'Wonder Woman'

The cast gives us the 411.

PUBLISHED ON : JUNE 1, 2017 / 03:57 PM

Wonder Woman is set to make her mark on the box office with the release of the highly anticipated superhero film this Friday, and while the movie is sure to be a source of empowerment for women both young and old, many are wondering what men can take away from the film's powerful message.

Speaking exclusively with BET.com, some of the film's cast and crew talk about how young men can benefit from the women-led action film.

"Like all Greek mythology, there's the demagogues, in a sense or observing mankind and mankind's weaknesses," said Danny Huston, who plays General Erich Ludendorff in the film. "So, in a regard, it transcends gender, and I think boys and girls and men and women should all be able to enjoy it for that reason."

Huston went on to stress that the film's ultimate overarching message is what gives it its universal appeal.

"It's an anti-war film," he continued. "And her message is pure and simple: that love can overcome these horrors."

Chris Pine, who plays Steve Trevor in the film, also chimed in on the question, expounding that the intentions of Wonder Woman are what make this also palatable to men.

"To be honest with you, it's less about strong women. I grew up with strong women so it's kind of part of the course for me," he said. "For me, it's really about you have a superhero who's driven by love, compassion, curiosity, hope, and in a world that is seemingly always under constant threat of self-annihilation, it's nice to have an unencumbered, uncomplicated hero in that way who promotes positivity."

Watch the cast and the film's director also talk about the major takeaway for young girls and more in the exclusive clip, above.

Written by Moriba Cummings

(Photo: Clay Enos/ TM & DC Comics/ WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENT)


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