This 'L&HH' Member Can't Decide If She Will Quit the Show

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This 'L&HH' Member Can't Decide If She Will Quit the Show

The reality star is speaking out.

Published June 14, 2017

Members of the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta cast are known for prematurely announcing their departures from the show in the heat of the moment, and it seems as that was just the case for one of the cast members, who has recently revealed that she may have spoken too soon.

Tommie Lee has had quite the eventful run thus far on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, and while fans seemed to enjoy her appearance on the show, she recently revealed on Instagram Live that she's had enough. However, judging from a recent interview she did with the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Tommie may be having a change of heart.

Back in May, Tommie explained that she planned on quitting the popular reality series because it was ripping her family apart, referencing the televised violent struggles between her and her mother.

ATLANTA, GA - APRIL 12:  TV Personality Tommie Lee attends Sip, Shop + Listen for The "Crown" EP at Philipp Plein on April 12, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)
(Photo: Prince Williams/WireImage)

"Sorry baby, I will not be doing this s**t anymore just because me, I'm so motherf*****g great that I will never give a motherf****r [the] opportunity to say they did anything for me," she said. "And I will never tear my family apart. So I bow out gracefully, I'm good. I did that."

It seems as some weeks of sitting on her decision caused a shift, as she said that she may have come to the definite conclusion a bit too suddenly.

"I'm really up in the air," she said. "We're discussing it."

She went on to add that a firm decision on her departure has not been made yet, and will not be solidified until September.

She did reveal, however, that she enjoys the stability that being on the show provides for her and her two daughters, Havalli, 10, and Samaria, 13.

"I used to barely have enough money to pay the bills," she said. "I'd steal and sell stuff. I now feel so blessed beyond measure... I love television. I love being able to show my life and getting paid for me being me."

Only time will tell whether or not Tommie will remain on the cast.

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Written by John Justice

(Photo: Vh1)


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