Read The 'All Eyez on Me' Script Draft That Includes The Prison Rape Scene

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Read The 'All Eyez on Me' Script Draft That Includes The Prison Rape Scene

Wow, LT Hutton wasn't lying.

Published June 25, 2017

Previously, All Eyez on Me co-producer LT Hutton revealed that one of John Singleton’s drafts for Tupac’s biopic included a scene where the legendary rapper was assaulted while in prison.

Now, it’s been revealed, via a transcript obtained by TMZ, that there was some heavy truth to what Hutton said. The script, titled “Revision Eight” does feature a scene that at least suggests some sort of assault happens on ‘Pac during his stay at Clinton Correctional Facility.

“The guards usher in one by one about six inmates,” the transcript reads. “Their faces predatory and degenerate. These are the worst prisoners in this facility. One [of] them licks his lips eyeing ’Pac.”

Subsequently, it cuts to a bloodied and beaten Tupac in his cell wearing a ripped prison uniform. The authenticity of the biopic has been in question since its release to theaters with Singleton being one of three directors to step away from the film since it began shooting in 2011.

TMZ also says that Greg Mielcarz, Morgan Creek Films’ Executive Vice President, authenticated the alleged Singleton script by saying it was “one of several versions penned by Mr. Singleton while he was working with Morgan Creek.”

Damn. Head over to TMZ to read the scene script in full and check out LT Hutton’s original Breakfast Club interview about the biopic below.

Written by Paul Meara

Photo: Quantrell Colbert


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