Watch the Trailer for Columbus Short's Gritty New Crime Drama, 'True to the Game'

(Photo: Imani Entertainment Group)

Watch the Trailer for Columbus Short's Gritty New Crime Drama, 'True to the Game'

The former 'Scandal' star plays a hustler trying to get out.

PUBLISHED ON : JUNE 29, 2017 / 09:42 AM

Terri Woods's noir crime novel True to the Game is coming to the big screen with an all-star cast. Columbus Short stars as a drug-dealing millionaire who falls in love, backed up by Hollywood icon Vivica Fox and former video vixen Draya Michele.

The film has all the elements of an engrossing crime drama: money, hustle, danger and romance. See the trailer below:

Says producer Manny Halley, "I acquired the rights to True to the Game because I was determined to see the characters from my favorite book come to life on the big screen."

He continued, "In the hood, stories like this kept you going. You wanted a good woman to love! You wanted happiness! But often times, you were caught up in the streets hustling... trying to make that money to get out the hood. The sad thing is that you usually ended up dead or in jail."


Halley goes on to say that the film will make viewers confront the difficult choices in their lives, just like his leading man must. "True to the Game the movie will make you choose between love and money, because in the streets, it's not easy to try and have them both," he said. "It will test friendships. It will bring to light the struggles of the drug game. A game that has no way out!" 

True to the Game hits theaters on September 8.


Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: Imani Entertainment Group)


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