Former 'Basketball Wives' Star Is Suing Her Baller Ex for Getting Her Fired

Former 'Basketball Wives' Star Is Suing Her Baller Ex for Getting Her Fired

This all dates back to 2011.

Published June 30, 2017

One of the earliest former cast members of Basketball Wives is accusing her ex, baller Chris Bosh, of costing her $1 million and getting her fired from the show. Now, years later, she is returning to court to fight for her lawsuit against the NBA star to remain active.

According to, Allison Mathis responded to her athlete ex's motion to dismiss the lawsuit on June 21. Bosh's intent was to prevent it from heading to trial.

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Mathis claimed that she signed her deal for the reality show in early 2011 and began filming with her then co-star Royce Reed right after entering into the contract.

She also added that, at the time, she received tons of positive feedback for her appearance on the show and never spoke badly about her baby daddy, Chris Bosh, during filming. She even made it clear to producers before the cameras began rolling that she will, in no way, agree to involving her daughter or her relationship with Bosh on the show.

Though she made these guidelines to respect Bosh and his privacy, she claims he interjected anyway months after she began filming. The athlete allegedly reached out to producers and claimed that Mathis signed a non-disclosure agreement preventing her from speaking about him on camera. He eventually filed a suit and she was axed from the cast.

Due to this, she is accusing him of prohibiting her from providing for herself and her daughter, although she did nothing to tarnish his reputation or empire.

Getting into the financial specifics, Mathis claims that, due to being let go, she lost out on a minimum of $191,000, which she was set to receive after signing her contract, and more than $1 million in missed opportunities that included appearances, licensing deals, book contracts, endorsement deals and more.

Since the incident, she says she has been forced to work in retail and has been struggling financially, even filing for bankruptcy to save the home where she and her daughter live.

After Bosh sued Mathis and the producers behind the show in 2011, Mathis counter-sued, claiming the athlete messed up her deal and went on to accuse him of lying to producers about her signing a confidentiality agreement, which she said she never did.

Her suit has been pending ever since, and she is now trying to prevent Bosh from getting the case closed altogether. Bosh, however, is adamant that he did nothing wrong.

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Written by John Justice

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