Is Khloé Using Tristan Thompson to Save Rob?

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Is Khloé Using Tristan Thompson to Save Rob?

The reality star is reportedly hatching a plan.

Published July 13, 2017

Khloé Kardshian has made it no secret on countless occasions that she wants the best for her brother, Rob. In fact, that bond extended to her ex-husband, Lamar Odom, when they were married, as he and Rob quickly became brother figures to one another.

Now that Lamar is out of the picture, Khloé is reportedly hoping to recreate that special relationship between Rob and her new man, Tristan Thompson.

A source revealed to that Khloé deliberately chose to take a back seat when her brother got romantically involved with Blac Chyna. Now that things between them have crumbled, she wants to see her bro back to his old self and is reportedly seeking the help of her man to make that happen.

"She took a huge step back when he got together with Blac but now that he's in crisis again, Khloé is back in rescuer mode," the source said. "She's always been this way with Rob. He's her baby brother and she feels like it's her job to take care of him, to save him."

Here's where Tristan comes into play.

"It would be one thing if she was just making it her mission but she's dragging Tristan into it now too," the source added. "She wants Tristan to take Rob under his wing. She's trying very hard to force a friendship. She's really hoping that his healthy, clean living will help Rob pull out of this slump."

Could this alleged "forced friendship" eventually turn into something real? Only time will tell.

Get the latest on the drama between Rob and Chyna in the BET Breaks video, above.

Written by John Justice

(Photos from left: Splash News)


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