Sheryl Underwood Goes Completely Off About a White Woman Who Was Killed by Police

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Sheryl Underwood Goes Completely Off About a White Woman Who Was Killed by Police

She said race is involved in the shooting of Justine Damond.

Published July 18, 2017

Sheryl Underwood has always been known to speak her mind, and in the past, she’s spoken up about racial issues when prompted.

That’s what happened on The Talk today (July 18). When the story of Australian-born Justine Damond’s murder by police was brought up, the CBS show’s co-host was quick to pump the breaks on talk of everyone being a victim of police violence. She pointed out that African-Americans are always “the suspect” and how the situation is just a taste of what Black people go through with the police daily.

  1. “If had been anybody else, ‘Well, you’re holding a phone, well the phone was silver and it looked like a gun,’” she said, acting out a hypothetical scenario. “Here was a woman walking out toward the police car — now a lot of us know — we don’t walk out toward the police car, why? Because I’m always the suspect, so I’m not walking toward you at all.”

    Underwood also expressed the urgency with how quickly police procedures and actual staff need to be reassessed.

    “We are in crisis right now because every day somebody dies, I said it on this show, when it starts to happen to other people then they will feel what we feel,” she said. “Why was this woman any different than Philando Castile, who had a license to carry a gun?”

    Sheryl even offered up a solution.

    “What needs to happen now is that police need to be trained,” she explained. “Sensitivity training, they need to understand that there’s a consequence to your actions but then as people, we need to demand that the police get all the training, all the equipment, and turn the damn dash cam that we asked for on.”

    Twitter reaction was in overwhelming agreement with Underwood. “Thank you @sherylunderwood for not holding back & speaking the truth - as ugly as it is. Thank you for using your platform #TheTalk #Preach,” one user wrote. Sheryl Underwood keeping it as real as it gets. NOW they 'have an idea' how it feels to fear the police,” another tweeted.

    Check out what Sheryl Underwood had to say about police violence and the reaction to her words below.

  2. Sheryl Underwood on police violence:
  3. the reaction:

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: JB Lacroix/WireImage)


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