Quantasia Sharpton's Mother Is Reportedly Ready to Expose Her Daughter

A woman who claims she had "sexual contact" with Usher when she was 19 is now suing the superstar over claims he refused to tell her he had herpes.
Quantasia Sharpton, now 21, claimed at a press conference in New York that Usher Raymond picked her out from a concert and arranged to come to her hotel room where they "engaged in sexual contact," adding: "I never heard from him again."
The young mother says she knows she does not have the STD but after reading reports that the star may have herpes contacted celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom to "find out what my rights are as a woman."
"I would never have consented had I known" he had an STD, she insisted, with Lisa Bloom adding that the star "violated" her rights "by failing to warn her" if he did have herpes, admitting that the claim is based solely on media reports that he does.
"Everyone has the legal right to be respected," she added, suggesting that under law in California refusing to reveal such information "essential transforms consensual sex into non-consensual sex."
Bloom is filing a lawsuit today on behalf of two women and one man, saying that one of the trio now has herpes � and insisted: "Since this news broke many people have reached out to me claiming that they had unprotected sex with Me Raymond since 2012."
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Quantasia Sharpton's Mother Is Reportedly Ready to Expose Her Daughter

Usher's accuser isn't having the best week.

Published August 9, 2017

Quantasia Sharpton, who recently opened up about having sexual relations with Usher without any knowledge of his alleged herpes status, is now the subject of scrutiny for reportedly going public with her claims for a payday and fame.

After being dragged for her recent comments on social media, her own mother is chiming in and supposedly threatening to expose her daughter for being a scammer.

According to Fameolous, Sharpton's mother reached out to them apologizing to Usher for her daughter's allegations, which she claims are all lies.

This comes on the heels of Usher reportedly denying having any sexual contact with Quantasia Sharpton at all.

"I'm sorry I started to talk about my daughter but this has just been a little to [sic] much for me," she wrote. "I want to say to Mr. Usher how sorry I am and if there [is] anything I could tell him to help him I will b glad to."

She added that her daughter has a habit of being dishonest, saying, "I know my child and know what she about and a liner [sic] is one of them."

Take a look below:

Recap the moment Quantasia spoke out with BET Breaks, above.

Written by John Justice

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