Benzino Has the 'Gay Community' Figured Out and Gives Unsolicited Advice

ATLANTA, GA - APRIL 15: Benzino attends the press reception of The Love & Hip Hop event at Cream Ultra Lounge on April 15, 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo: Prince Williams/FilmMagic)

Benzino Has the 'Gay Community' Figured Out and Gives Unsolicited Advice

Who asked you?

PUBLISHED ON : AUGUST 10, 2017 / 10:05 AM

Don't you just love when white people tell Black folks how to live? When rich people tell poor folks how to "behave"? When men know what is right for women's bodies and health?  Or when straight people are convinced they understand the LGBT community, even though they have no connection to the community. The later is the case for idiot of the week, Benzino

During a recent radio interview, Benzino declared that gay folks no longer face any discrimination, and therefore no longer need parades or rallies.

Benzino does not identify as gay. He has zero connections to the LGBT community. He is not even an ally, but somehow believes he is an expert on what the "gay communiity" needs to do. To him, "the gay community" should shut up because they have equal rights. Watch the foolishness below:

Benzino is clearly living in his cisgender, semi-rich bubble. Things are not equal. 

You can still be legally fired from your job in 28 states for being openly gay or lesbian. The Trump administration is actively rolling back LGBT rights. Trans women of color are being murdered at astounding rates, and our current POTUS wants to ban trans folks from the military. In addition, the rate of LGBT youth homelessnessLGBT youth suicide and HIV/AIDS among Black gay men is disproportionately higher than their straight counterparts. 

Basically, Benzino needs to STFU.

Make sure you watch BET's Plates & Poles above. 

Written by Renee Samuel

(Photo: Prince Williams/FilmMagic)


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