A 'Scandal' Star Is in a Nasty Twitter War With Trump Supporters

A 'Scandal' Star Is in a Nasty Twitter War With Trump Supporters

Paging Olivia Pope...

Published August 12th

One of the stars of the hit ABC drama Scandal recently went off on Trump supporters in a slew of tweets, calling them "stupid c**ks" and homophobes, among other things, over a span of a couple days.

While his comments were met with major criticism from some of the show's conservative fans, the powers that be at ABC and Shondaland are reportedly not as bothered by his tirade yet, and said supporters are furious about their silence.

The brave actor who set Trump's backers ablaze in the epic rant is Joshua Malina, who plays Attorney General David Rosen in the soon ending political drama.

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    He took to the social media site on Tuesday to call Trump voters "stupid c**ks" in reference to a CNN article about Trump's "warning" to North Korea. Malina returned, the next day, to add that they were also "homophobic, antisemitic, misogynistic, transphobic, and unfunny."

    Take a look at his tweets, below:

  2. Fans of the show who shared Malina's sentiments applauded him for speaking out, bravely. However, others — particularly those who voted for Trump — wasted no time expressing their anger regarding the actor's statements.

    Some even went to extreme lengths to show that they back the current POTUS no matter what. Take a look, below:

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Written by Moriba Cummings

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