Why Nick Gordon Won't Face Charges For Allegedly Beating His Girlfriend For Six Hours

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Why Nick Gordon Won't Face Charges For Allegedly Beating His Girlfriend For Six Hours

Bobbi Kristina’s ex was booked for felony domestic violence and kidnapping.

Published August 25, 2017

Nick Gordon, the infamous ex-boyfriend of the late Bobbi Kristina Brown, was reportedly arrested on June 10 in Sanford, Florida, for allegedly beating and kidnapping his girlfriend, Laura Leal.

Details of the alleged attack are brutal, but once again, Gordon seems to have avoided facing judgment for his alleged crimes.

TMZ reports that Gordon's girlfriend told police the fight started because he thought she was trying to hook up with one of his friends at a sports bar. Leal says they got home from the bar and argued into the early morning.

When she tried to leave, according to court documents, Gordon started "punching and hitting her and refused to let her leave." Leal says he also snatched a laptop she was trying to use to communicate with her sister. Allegedly, Gordon was on drugs.

According to DailyMail.com, "She said the attack went on for six hours, and that she was too scared to bolt for the door because she thought he would catch and overpower her. At 7 a.m. the following morning, she picked up a candlestick in a last-ditch attempt and clubbed him with it." Leal reportedly broke Gordon's nose and was able to get the attention of his mother, who was living in the same home and ultimately drove Leal home. From there, Leal's sister took her to the hospital, and Leal soon after filed a police report.

Gordon was booked for felony domestic violence and false imprisonment of an adult. However, all charges have now been dropped. DailyMail.com reports that prosecutors have dropped charges against Gordon - because Leal told the judge directly she wanted the case shut down. No word on why she closed the case.

Nick Gordon has a jagged past. Last September, he was found legally responsible for Bobbi Kristina Houston’s death and ordered to pay $36 million as a result of the ruling. The courts believe he provided Bobbi Kristina with the drugs that killed her. She passed away in July 2015.

Written by Renee Samuel

(Photo: Tiffany Rose/WireImage)


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