Why Blac Chyna’s Fights With Rob Had Her Mom ‘Concerned’ About Baby Dream’s Health

(Photo: Tokyo Toni via Instagram)

Why Blac Chyna’s Fights With Rob Had Her Mom ‘Concerned’ About Baby Dream’s Health

Tokyo Toni reveals new details about her daughter’s problems with Rob Kardashian.

Published August 30, 2017

Tokyo Toni is known for speaking her mind whether people agree with her opinions or not. This time, Toni is dishing on rumors surrounding her daughter Blac Chyna’s split from her former fiancé, Rob Kardashian.

A native of Washington, D.C., Toni caught up with KYSDC’s The Fam in the Morning radio show where she answered questions on whether or not her daughter’s rumored cheating was responsible for the failed engagement. Toni even pulled out a few receipts.

She began by explaining how her daughter had a terrible pregnancy largely due to Kardashian’s insecurities. “Chyna was the whole entire nine months upset, angry. She had a bad deal during her pregnancy, so I was a little concerned about how the baby would come out... Her fiancé gave her hell the entire time.”

Shutting down rumors that Chyna got pregnant with her daughter, Dream Kardashian, for money and fame, Toni said, “Rob would call me and be like, ‘I’m trying to get your daughter pregnant.’ I’m like, ‘What? Boy, stop.’ He’d be like, ‘Stop calling the phone today and tomorrow...’ I would consider Dream to have been a planned baby,” she said.

Toni revealed that while she and Kardashian still speak regularly, the split should largely be attributed to Kardashian’s personal issues. “A woman of Chyna’s status, she cannot be around people that’s not strong mentally, physically or therefore she cannot do it. It’s a trust issue that he has…”

She flat out denied rumors that Chyna was cheating during their relationship but did agree that Rob was being truthful about one thing during his post breakup rant. According to her, Kardashian was being honest when he said that Chyna did go a month without speaking to her mother.

All appears to be well with the mother and daughter duo. Toni revealed that Chyna covers a large portion of her financial obligations and even showed text messages proving that their in frequent communication.

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Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Tokyo Toni via Instagram)


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