#TBT: Taraji, Gabrielle Union And Ice Cube On Their Best (And Worst!) Memories From College

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#TBT: Taraji, Gabrielle Union And Ice Cube On Their Best (And Worst!) Memories From College

It's back to school time!

Published August 31, 2017

Yep, it's that time of the year. Whether you are a freshman in college, heading back for another year, or still pushing through high school, we've all experienced the grind of education. But it's the moments in between, like last minute quizzes or high-pressured exams, that makes school memorable. In our throwback video, we chopped it up with your favorite stars about their best and worst memories from college.

Everyone from hip hop legend Ice Cube to Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson reflected on their college days. But Taraji P. Henson probably had the most graphic story, "We were broke. We were in college so you get the alcohol you can afford and it was Thunderbird. We mixed it with Kool-Aid and everyone was sick." She added, "We had a big tub that we would wash dishes in, that's where the Thunderbird and Kool-Aid was!" Takes notes, students. Cheap liquor will not only get you drunk, but get you sick AF.

Gabrielle Union not only had memories, but some advice, "Don't have sex with anyone at least through the first semester. I didn't follow it! But it was a good piece of advice that I should have followed." She also added, "Don't misuse your student loan money!" The lessons of sex and money will definitely help you in college and beyond.

These are some gems that you can't miss out on. To see The Rock, Regina Hall, Gerard Butler (who proudly never went to college) and more chat about these crazy memories, watch the video above!

Written by Renee Samuel


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