This Moment From Insecure's Epic Season Two Finale Had Twitter In Tears

Episode 16 (season 2, episode 8/season finale), debut 9/10/17: Natasha Rothwell, Yvonne Orji, Issa Rae.
(Photo: Justina Mintz/courtesy of HBO)

This Moment From Insecure's Epic Season Two Finale Had Twitter In Tears

The feels, man. All the feels.

Published September 11, 2017

Season two of Issa Rae's monster hit HBO series Insecure ended with a bang during the rousing and emotion-manipulating series finale. And with all of the events that took place during the 45-minute episode, social media has been overflowing with opinions and judgments.


In the impeccably shot season closer (directed by the incredible Melina Matsoukas and fittingly written by Rae) each of the three main characters on the show — Issa, Molly (Yvonne Orji) and Lawrence (Jay Ellis) — were given their own individual perspectives which all came together in the final five minutes of the episode.

During each take, they made questionable decisions in regards to some of their most troubling conflicts throughout the season — including Issa having to move from her now gentrified neighborhood, Molly continuing to give it up to her married childhood bestie after forming a connection with an available man and Lawrence's relationship with Aparna hitting a sudden halt after being riddled with feelings of jealously and insecurity.

However, the scene that overwhelmingly had viewers on the verge of thug tears was the long-awaited moment of closure that Issa and Lawrence shared as she made her final walk through her apartment at The Dunes. Tears were shed, amends were made and "I love yous" were expressed, but it was real-life Issa's "gotcha" moment of genius writing with her character's fantasy of the "perfect life" with Lawrence, complete with marriage and kids, that took the cake.

Needless to say, this finale was one for the books, and Twitter's reaction to the jam-packed, nail-biting plot twists proved just that. Take a look below:

Here's to season three!

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Written by Moriba Cummings

(Photo: Justina Mintz/courtesy of HBO)


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