[Warning: Graphic] Usher's 'Jane Doe' Accuser Reveals Her Identity And Gives TMI About Their Sexual Activities

[Warning: Graphic] Usher's 'Jane Doe' Accuser Reveals Her Identity And Gives TMI About Their Sexual Activities

The woman is suing Ursh for $20 million.

Published September 20, 2017

One of the women accusing Usher of allegedly giving her an STD has officially made her identity known. Laura Helm, who was previously referred to as ‘Jane Doe,’ filed a $20 million lawsuit accusing the crooner of allegedly giving her herpes.

Court documents detailing the nature of the relationship allegedly shared by Helm and Usher were obtained by RadarOnline.com. According to the newly retrieved docs, Helm claims she was not diagnosed with Herpes Simplex 2 virus until after her sexual encounters with Usher.

She reportedly withheld her identity “to protect her privacy and identity as she is an adult female who has sustained, and is sustaining, damages of a sensitive, humiliating and embarrassing nature inflicted by the Defendant.” Usher reportedly filed to have the lawsuit dismissed because Helm refused to come forward as the victim in question.

Helm reportedly filed a motion after seeing RadarOnline.com’s previous posts about Usher $1.1 million settlement he allegedly paid to other women for infecting them with an STD.

Going into intimate details about their encounters, Helm claims she and Usher were platonic friends that began a sexual relationship. She claims their sexual relationship  included  “skin to skin contact” and “vaginal-penile” intercourse after the R&B singer allegedly put on a condom that he brought with him. Going further, Helm claims Usher “removed his condom and encouraged her to perform oral sex.”

Helm claims that she noticed an “unusual bump” on the inside of her cheek and an “unusual bump the size of a pea that was painful to the press touch” on her vagina” after they were intimate on April 16, 2017. She also claims that she was not engaged in sexual activity with anyone between the time they were involved in April and when she was officially diagnosed.

Attorney Lisa Bloom filed a lawsuit claiming on behalf of three or more people who claim to have been infected with herpes by Usher.

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Written by Jasmine Washington


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