It's Lit: BET BREAKS Returns For A Bigger, Badder Season Three

(Photo: Amy Lombard/BET)

It's Lit: BET BREAKS Returns For A Bigger, Badder Season Three

You ain't ready.

Published October 3, 2017

For the past two seasons, BET Breaks has delivered "the news you want to see," whether it's the craziness of politics or the drama of celebrities, we always got you. Now, Breaks returns for season three, locked and reloaded, taking the brand to a whole other level.  

This year, Breaks Gang is taking its game to a new level. Our hosts Jamila Mustafa, Amina Smith, Krystal Vega, Tony Anderson, Amanda Booz and Jordyn Rolling are combining their star power to create a brand new look and feel of BREAKS. That means even funnier commentary, honest opinions and real-life reactions while we deliver you the latest and hottest news. 

But the biggest news is that the crew is leaving the studio and taking you on the sets of some of your favorite shows with the spin-off digital series Set Trippin'.

Set Trippin' is a new show that takes you behind the scenes and "on set" of your favorite movies, television shows, music videos (and plays). The first episode hits the set of 50 Central with host Jamila Mustafa.  She got exclusive interviews with 50 Cent, Remy Ma, 50 Central comedians Jasmin Brown and Kiya Roberts — and an A-list icon that we can't quite spill the tea about just yet. In the episode, they'll show us just what it takes to make 50 Central come to life.

There is much more in store for this season. Spread the word and join us for the ride. 

You can also catch our BET Breaks on Issa Rae in the video above.


Written by Renee Samuel

(Photo: Amy Lombard/BET)


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