Quantasia Sharpton Is Reportedly Using Another Woman To Get To Usher

Quantasia Sharpton Is Reportedly Using Another Woman To Get To Usher

The new party wants no part of the drama, though.

Published 4 weeks ago

Quantasia Sharpton, the woman who initially accused Usher of infecting her with herpes, has been relatively silent for a while now, but it seems as she's now ready to jump back into the heat. She's reportedly coming after Usher once again, and she's using another woman's story to get her way.

According to TMZ, Sharpton is allegedly trying to add some spice to her lawsuit by "questioning another woman who had sexual relations with the singer." The only thing is, though, that the woman in question wants no parts of the drama.

The new legal documents stated that the woman, who has chosen to go by Jane Doe, claims Sharpton is gunning for "extremely private and embarrassing information" regarding her sexual past with the "Moving Mountains" crooner and even wants to go as far as to drag her in for a deposition.

Doe went on to add that her personal and private information was stolen and leaked without her consent and has since fallen into the hands of Sharpton.

She added in the docs that her sexual history and medical information is none of Sharpton's concern and will only end up humiliating her in the long run. She, hence, has made it crystal clear that she does not want to join the growing list of accusers, especially if she ends up there against her will.

Get more details on the herpes allegations with BET Breaks, above.

Written by Moriba Cummings

(Photo: John E. Davidson/Getty Images, Lee Brown/Splash News)


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