SMH: Here's What Tyrese Is Reportedly Doing With The $5 Million Will And Jada Gave Him

SMH: Here's What Tyrese Is Reportedly Doing With The $5 Million Will And Jada Gave Him

Plus, he vented on social media again.

Published November 7, 2017

Tyrese Gibson has had an insane couple months. Feuding with The Rock, a court battle with his ex-wife and breakdowns on social media. Over the weekend, it was reported that Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith decided to help their long-time friend, who also admitted to having financial issues. They allegedly gave him $5 million for his high legal fees, under one condition: he would stay off social media.

  1. See Tyrese's post below, announcing to the world the A-list stars gave him some cash (and spelling "actress" wrong).

  2. Staying off social media? Looks like Tyrese has already broken that agreement. Just last night, Tyrese was ranting again on haters dragging his fake Forbes cover, bullies and more. 

  3. When ! was a kid in Watts ! use to notice that real MEN who was there for their kids was given a “cigar” at birth..... This ! didn’t understand cause my dad wasn’t there for me........ ! had to learn really fast what being a bully is - the first sign of a bully is for people to laugh at your dreams......... My Pastor Bishop Kenneth C Ulmer said son, haters have a job to do.... no one wants to be unemployed you must love then and embrace them TOO..... Cause believe it or not some of our best lessons will come from haters....... ! guess he was right......... Y’all remember the bootleg Forbes cover? Remember............ ? Standby God is up to something her name is #ShaylaGibson cause #ShaylaRocks Gn #AgapeLove it’s what @RevWon has been teaching me for 9 years.....

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  4. What's even more interesting is that allegedly Tyrese isn't using that entire $5 million for his legal fees. After seeing an inspirational video from an 11-year-old defending him, the actor offered to pay his Harvard college tuition as soon as he gets the coins from Will and Jada. Fix it, Jesus!

  5. Here is Tyrese's response.

    Will and Jada need to get a contract from Tyrese before wiring that money. Delete your accounts, bruh!

    In the meantime, Twitter had a field day with Jada and Will giving him five mil. See the reactions below:

Written by Renee Samuel

(Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)


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