'Married To Medicine' Star Finally Divorces Her Dirty Dawg Husband

'Married To Medicine' Star Finally Divorces Her Dirty Dawg Husband

She's had enough.

Published 3 weeks ago

The ladies of Married To Medicine, throughout the seasons, have shown the trials of their respective marriages, with a select few unapologetically tackling those ups and downs, head on, before the cameras.

However, one of the ladies decided to walk away from her marriage after learning that her husband had cheated, and she didn't hesitate one bit in making her decision.

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The woman in question who had enough of her husband's creeping is accomplished OB/GYN Dr. Jackie Walters.

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During a recent appearance on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live!, she transparently spoke on her decision to divorce her husband, Curtis Berry, explaining that she filed a mere three days after learning he cheated.

She added that her Married To Medicine circle of friends has been a shoulder of support for her through this time.

"I can honestly say they've all met a need [of mine] in some way," she said. "Obviously, I've known Simone [Whitmore] well and Heavenly [Kimes] has become a great friend, so I've talked to them a lot."

Take a look at the interview, below:

According to People, news on Berry's affair broke when pictures of him with another woman surfaced online, with the mistress allegedly being unaware that he was even married until the scandal made its way online.

We know Dr. Jackie will get through this.

Written by Moriba Cummings

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