Whoa: Porsha Reveals Her Drama With NeNe Goes Way Deeper Than Previously Thought

(Photos from Left: Prince Williams/Wireimage, Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Whoa: Porsha Reveals Her Drama With NeNe Goes Way Deeper Than Previously Thought

The 'Real Housewives' frenemies have years of baggage to deal with.

Published December 8, 2017

Last week's episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta saw NeNe Leakes and Porsha Williams get into one of the most brutal verbal disputes of the series, but the latter is adamant that what was shown isn't all that caused the wedge between the two former friends.

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After the two went insult to insult over NeNe's "Get Freak and Fraud fired" comments, Porsha is now speaking out, claiming that their beef isn't brand new, as some may assume — she says it spans more than two years.

For a bit of context, take a look at the explosive fight, below:

Was Nene the only one that had Porsha’s back when she joined? 👀 #RHOA

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Williams recently spoke with BravoTV to try and break down the situation.

We hadn’t spoken for two years, so at the time, I didn’t realize that she had somehow built up this aggression towards me,” Porsha said.

“I have to take some ownership for not speaking to NeNe for those two years, but it honestly wasn’t for any specific reason. I tried to reach her a few times, but I should have tried harder. I got busy with the show, work, and dating, and she was busy doing her thing and growing her career, so I didn’t think we were in the place we were in.

Either way, looking back on it, I wish I would have tried harder to catch up with her and check in on her, and I wish that she would have done the same for me. As far as her bringing up Kandi…child, that’s another conversation entirely that has nothing to do with NeNe.”

She added that she tried to keep her cool during the argument and noted that a reconciliation with Leakes is not out of the questions.

“Another thing going through my mind as we were arguing was meditation and breathing,” she said. “I’ve been trying (and I think it’s working) to become a much calmer person during an argument, and I’m focusing on continuously learning and evolving.

I need to focus on what’s important in my life and stop being distracted by words. I’m glad I remained calm and stayed seated in my chair — being calm will always keep me out of trouble! As for NeNe, who knows? The door is not closed…I do want to keep the door open.

I guess I’m saying that I hope she can understand what hurt me as well so we can move on — as friends or not. Either way, I’m going to continue to be Porsha, live life, and count my blessings each and every day.”

Written by John Justice

(Photos from Left: Prince Williams/Wireimage, Johnny Nunez/WireImage)


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