Former 'Top Model' Winner Claims Tyra Is A Huge Fraud In Scorching Exposé

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Former 'Top Model' Winner Claims Tyra Is A Huge Fraud In Scorching Exposé

She's not happy with what went down after the show.

Published December 14, 2017

America's Next Top Model has, for nearly two decades, put its contestants through high-fashion hell by dangling the carrot of major modeling contracts as a prize. The show's creator and host, Tyra Banks, would consistently remind the girls of the stakes with her signature line: "You want to be on top?"

But the show's first-ever winner, Adrianne Curry, is spilling major tea about what happens after the win — and it sounds like Tyra and Co. are seriously misleading contestants and viewers about the "contracts" the show offers.

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Curry has chosen to speak out about the aftermath of the process in an extensive blog post on her website, aptly titled "The Truth About Top Model."

In the exposé, the the 32-year-old divulged sealed details about what really happened behind the scenes of the show and what took place once all of the cameras stopped rolling, and it's safe to say that, based on what she revealed, it's not at all what it appears to be.

"We were promised a Revlon contract on my season and a contract with Wilhelmina. They did voice-overs on the actual aired show and changed what was being said to us while filming," she claimed. "When I met with Revlon, they informed me they never planned on using the winner, whoever she may be, for any ads. They hired me for $15k to model makeup in a room with 10 execs in it to honor said contract. I was crushed, but still very grateful. $15K is amazing!"

Despite her being satisfied with the adjusted but still hefty pay day, she went on to claim that she is yet to receive the promised check, to this very day.

Curry added that the drama only intensified once the show decided to drop all involvement with Wilhelmina and partner with rival agency IMG, instead.

"I reached out to Tyra and 'Top Model,' desperate to get out of my contract and get advice as I was not being given any castings, etc. by an agency that wanted me to fail," she said. "CRICKETS. Phone calls ignored. Then, my $15k for Revlon? Suddenly, I wasn't being paid."

The model who, since winning the competition, appeared on VH1's Surreal Life, remains adamant that she has no ill will towards her former mentor Tyra Banks. However, she stresses that the entrepreneur's "cut throat" mentality is what helped her achieve the massive level of success she has today.

"I wish Tyra well in her life and have no hard feelings anymore," she wrote. "She is a woman looking out for herself in a world where no one else gives a s**t about you... Being cut throat and numb to others in that industry is the only way to get ahead."

Written by Moriba Cummings

(Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)


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