WTF? Twitter Slams ‘Entertainment Weekly’ For Saying ‘Black Panther’ Mania Is All About A Free Poster

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

WTF? Twitter Slams ‘Entertainment Weekly’ For Saying ‘Black Panther’ Mania Is All About A Free Poster

The movie broke Marvel’s record for pre-sale tickets.

Published January 11, 2018

It goes without saying, at this point, that Marvel's Black Panther remains the most highly anticipated film of 2018 as Black Twitter played an instrumental role in the film's social media promotion. In fact, the campaign for the film's opening weekend was organically kicked off by fans who just wanted to support a largely-budgeted release led by Black and brown actors.

One publication, however, seems to think that the power of Black influence isn't as legit as it seems, as they have proposed a theory as to why the film already broke Marvel's record for pre-sale tickets.

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A Black Panther fan posted a screenshot of an Entertainment Weekly article which claimed that the yet-to-be-released film made such a major impact in pre-sales solely because the advanced tickets came "with a complimentary poster."

  1. The Twitter community — notably, Black Twitter — found Entertainment Weekly's conclusion hilarious (and quite offensive) as many of them, who purchased wads of tickets at a time, had no knowledge of a freebie even being a part of the equation. See how they reacted to EW's far off theory, below:

  2. To prove that the film's pre-release success is not a fluke, even one of its starring actresses, Lupita Nyong'o, admitted to not being able to snag tickets, herself! See what she had to say, below:

  3. Also, Tony Rock has a hilarious recommendation for the government to check the vast Black population in America. Just do a head count at Black Panther screenings, 'cause we're not playing come February 16.

    "It is [going to be a big deal]," he told TMZ. "It's a Black superhero, No. 1. Marvel is investing in the comic book that I think all Black kids read growing up... Side note: All Black kids' favorite superhero is Black Panther. So yeah, it's going to be very big for the Black community."

Marvel's Black Panther premieres in theaters, nationwide, on February 16, 2018.

Written by Moriba Cummings

(Photo: Marvel Studios)


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