Rude Or Nah? Tiffany Haddish’s Response To Mo’Nique’s Netflix Boycott Is Not What We Expected

Rude Or Nah? Tiffany Haddish’s Response To Mo’Nique’s Netflix Boycott Is Not What We Expected

The comedienne isn’t sugarcoating a thing.

Published March 27, 2018

The current chatter surrounding Tiffany Haddish is overwhelmingly focused on her comments about #WhoBitBeyoncé-gate. However, in the same GQ profile, the comic shared some unapologetically brash thoughts on Mo’Nique’s Netflix boycott that some may possibly deem as rude.

The original Queen of Comedy detailed her gripe with the streaming service a few months ago by revealing that they only offered her $500,000 for a comedy special, which paled in comparison to offers made to other comics. After sharing this outlook with her supporters, Mo’Nique asked that they boycott Netflix in attempt to raise awareness for what she deemed an unjust offer.

When asked to share her thoughts on Mo’Nique’s situation, Haddish pretty much went in, making it clear that she is completely not on board with her rhetoric.

“My business [is] run different than her business. I don’t live her life,” she said. “I don’t have that husband of hers. I’m looking at how [Netflix has] opened up so many opportunities for Black females and comedy.”

She went on to add that there is only one instance where she will protest the service.

“When my people are dying, that’s when you gonna catch me protesting,” she continued. “I’m not gonna protest because somebody got offered not the amount of money they wanted to get offered. If you don’t like what they’re offering you, just no longer do business with them.”

The Girls Trip star went on to further defend Netflix, claiming that, unlike some major networks, they have, in fact, supported people of color, tremendously, contrary to Mo’Nique’s claims.

“If I protest Netflix, what about the Black shows that are on there?” she said. “What about the other actors that are working on there? All the Indians, the Hispanics, the Asians. My show, The Carmichael Show, airs on there right now. It ain’t on NBC.”

Written by Moriba Cummings

(Photos from left: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images, Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for SXSW)


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