Did The Kardashians See Tristan Thompson's Dirty Dog Cheating Scandal Coming Months Ago?

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Did The Kardashians See Tristan Thompson's Dirty Dog Cheating Scandal Coming Months Ago?

They reportedly tried to warn Khloé.

Published April 11, 2018

Now that Tristan Thompson's allegedly unfaithful ways have been revealed, the reports of the Kardashians' "initial reservations" about him have coincidentally begun to pour in. The latest bit revealed that they apparently warned Khloé, in the beginning stages of their relationship — of course, right?

According to People, a source close to the family explained that they had their reservations about the NBA star from the jump, with several of them worried the two were not a good match. Interestingly enough, the family seemed concerned that she was dating a man who was, at the time, expecting a child with another woman.

"When Khloé first started dating Tristan, her family questioned if it was a good idea," the insider revealed. "There were several concerns, including that he is another basketball player and also that his ex was pregnant."

The source added that it took the family some time to warm up to Tristan as they were "worried that Khloé would end up heartbroken."

"Being on the road as an athlete, you face many temptations," the insider continued. "But Tristan always assured Khloé's family that he was totally committed to Khloé. Khloé thinks the world of Tristan."

Well, it appears as, despite their initial reservations having seemingly proven to be true, the family isn't ready to completely cut him off as the Daily Mail reports they all continue to follow him on social media — if that means anything, at all. However, Scott Disick, who shares three children with Kourtney Kardashian, has unfollowed him after the cheating claims went viral.

Written by Moriba Cummings

(Photo: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Remy Martin)


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