The Jackson Family Says Paris Has 'Lost It' And Are Fearing For Her Life

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The Jackson Family Says Paris Has 'Lost It' And Are Fearing For Her Life

Here’s why they are alarmed.

Published April 21, 2018

The Jackson family apparently believes something bad is going to happen to one of their own.

Paris Jackson recently posted an Instagram video in which she’s walking along a skyscraper’s ledge and it’s reminding them of some painful memories.

According to Page Six, a relative is comparing that to when Michael dangled his then-infant son Blanket over a fourth-floor balcony in Berlin 16 years ago.

“But this is worse than that because I still think Michael had control of Blanket and they weren’t nearly as high up as Paris is in this video,” the relative told the website. “She’s lost it. She really has.”

More specifically, the video shows the 20-year-old Jackson hanging out with rumored girlfriend Cara Delevingne and friends at a restaurant. It then cuts to Paris walking on the ledge dozen stories above barely see-able vehicles and pedestrians.

Then, Paris lost her balance, before regaining her balance and falling into Delevingne’s arms. “I almost died!” she captioned the now-deleted video.

“Everyone saw that video, and even though we all knew that she’s now OK, watching it was so traumatic that nobody wants to show it to either Katherine or Joe,” the relative said in describing Paris’ grandparents. They also say Paris is having a “serious meltdown.”

No intervention is currently planned but it seems some wish it was. “It’s not happening, but everyone will regret it if she dies out there,” the source says.

What do you think. Are Paris Jackson’s latest actions proof she needs outside help? Let us know in the comment section below.

Written by Paul Meara

Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for The Daily Front Row


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