Peter Thomas Responds To His Baby Mother’s Racist Claims That Their Child Is ‘Not Black’

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Peter Thomas Responds To His Baby Mother’s Racist Claims That Their Child Is ‘Not Black’

That's some response.

Published April 27, 2018

Peter Thomas is upset.

Yes, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey's ex-husband is enraged at the negative attention a video he vehemently clarified that he posted showing his Dominican ex correcting their Black son as "brown" is getting.

Now, in what has become his routine method of rumor control for the former reality star, he has taken to social media to clarify that, despite the comments made, the mother of his child is not racist.

The drama was first introduced when a video of Nancy Fernandez, his ex, went viral where she told their Black son that, in fact, he is brown and "not Black."

"What do I have?" she asked him in the exchange. "A white daughter and Black son," the child responded.

She quickly corrected him, saying, "You're not Black, you're brown."

Elsewhere in the mother-son interaction, they joked that Thomas was "the color of a newly paved street," before Fernandez highlighted that he "doesn't count" as she made him "all by herself."

Jokes? Sure.

Take a look, below:

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Upset at the traction their comments, whether unmaliciously intended or not, have received, Thomas voiced his gripe with the public's perception on Instagram.

"Y'all got to be f*****g kidding me, right," he said. "I was with that woman for five years. We made that beautiful boy, together. You hear my son say his dad is Black like a newly paved street and his mom is just having fun with him. OK? So, ain't no racist s**t, here. If she calls him brown, that's her f*****g prerogative."

He wanted to highlight one more detail: "He's Black and Dominican," he added. "And 90 percent of the Dominican Republic is Black, by the way."

Hold on to that. @sportsoneclt @cluboneclt

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While it's cute and somewhat admirable that Thomas finds the need to defend Hernandez's poorly received jokes about darker complexions, that does not make them, by default, tolerable to the general public. Family or not, they're offensive.

Sorry, buddy.

Written by John Justice

(Photo: Blayze / Splash News)


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