And Now, A Few Words From Stacey Dash About Kanye West Joining Team #MAGA

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And Now, A Few Words From Stacey Dash About Kanye West Joining Team #MAGA

You know you were waiting for this.

Published April 30, 2018

In today's edition of "who asked you," Stacey Dash is coming to the defense of Kanye West and his politically-driven tweets. While many celebs like Chance the Rapper have distanced themselves from Yeezy’s commentary, the former Fox news correspondent is giving the Chicago native major props.

In an op-ed piece penned for conversative news site American News Hub, Dash, who became subject to public scrutiny after announcing her support of Mitt Romney, praised Kanye West for openly supporting Donald Trump and leaving behind the democratic party.

“My journey started when I changed my mind on Barack Obama and endorsed Mitt Romney in 2012. I didn’t expect it when the Democrats swung into full attack mode, calling me names like “coon” and “Oreo” for not supporting Obama, who I lost faith in after seeing little to no change for black people in general,” she wrote.

Proudly uplifting Kanye West’s bold new stance, Dash closed, “I am no one’s victim, and I never will be. I am off the plantation. I’m glad to see Kanye West stand up for himself."

One Twitter user made a shocking connection between a classic collaboration between the duo and their present political views.

The Clueless star’s support of Kanye West comes days after he was unfollowed by a slew of celebs and slammed by fans for announcing his unwavering alliegance to Donald Trump and rocking a MAGA hat.

Written by Jasmine Washington

Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Image


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