Canceled Or Nah? Twitter Is Dragging ‘Black Panther’ Bae Winston Duke For This Comment About Black Women

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Canceled Or Nah? Twitter Is Dragging ‘Black Panther’ Bae Winston Duke For This Comment About Black Women

Does his private life match his words?

Published May 6, 2018

Winston Duke became an overnight sensation with his role as M'Baku in Black Panther. Black women especially fell in love with him and he told Newsweek last month, "At the end of the day, it’s been women from all over the world and all different cultures, but it was really started and driven by Black women and I wanna thank them for that."

He continued, "I have not always been in a position to think that the things that made me who I am have always been positive. My height and my size have also made me look like an aggressor without trying. And to now be in a space where they’re saying that’s what makes me beautiful and that’s what makes me disarming, that’s really humbling and it feels really good.”

However, now Winston is getting some backlash for his alleged girlfriend who is not Black.

Reportedly, Winston's alleged girlfriend is Asian. If they are still together, they appear to have been dating for over two years, according to Winston's Instagram.

See below:

  1. Spending some QT #weekender #faces #gettymuseum

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  2. Some people are saying it's hypocritical that Winston claims Black women "healed" him, but he is with an Asian woman. See the passionate reactions below:

  3. However, others are not here for Winston being dragged because of his girlfriend.

  4. Winston has not commented on his private life and this alleged girlfriend has not appeared in any of his recent Instagram posts. Either way, Winston was unforgettable in Black Panther and we look forward to seeing more of him on the big screen. Wakanda forever! Even if you ain't booed up with a Black woman. #No shade.

Written by Renee Samuel


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