Celebrities Stand Up For Three Black Actresses Arrested For Spending Too Much Time In A Houston's Restaurant Bathroom

Celebrities Stand Up For Three Black Actresses Arrested For Spending Too Much Time In A Houston's Restaurant Bathroom

Marlon Wayans, T.I. and more speak out.

Published May 23, 2018

Three actresses of color were recently unjustly arrested for taking too long in an Atlanta restaurant restroom.

Erica Walker, Brittany Marie Lucio and Greenleaf star Asia'h Sharrell Epperson were brutally manhandled and dragged out of the establishment prior to the arrest. Since the incident went viral, celebrities have come forward expressing their support, with T.I. and Marlon Wayans being two of the first to do so.

According to TMZ, the three ladies were at popular restaurant Houston's on Mother's Day when the incident occurred.

They claim that while the kitchen was closed, the restaurant, itself, remained open for customers who were still dining and they entered to use the restroom.

The site reports that after all three ladies failed to come out after 10 minutes, the establishment's shift manager called an off-duty police officer who was working security at the time to physically remove them from the restroom. The officer claims that his request for them to leave the restroom was met with laughter.

According to the police report, the officer then proceeded to grab Lucio by the wrist. She, however, reportedly pulled her arm away and said, "Get your hands off me!" The officer then grabbed her wrist again and physically dragged her outside of the restaurant.

The officer mentioned that Lucio punched him in the mouth, inflicting a cut on his top lip. He then allegedly ordered the employees to call 911. However, he claimed he was able to restrain both Lucio and Walker in the bushes outside the restaurant. Epperson recorded the incident on her phone. 

Take a look, below:

  1. Another officer eventually arrived on the scene and arrested all three women for criminal trespass. Lucio was also charged for felony obstruction.

    The Atlanta Police Department said the actresses' charges of excessive force will be ultimately reviewed by the department's Office of Professional Standards.

    Since catching wind of the incident, T.I. has called for a boycott of the restaurant.

  2. Marlon Wayans also expressed his outrage over the arrests, stressing to the TMZ cameras, "One day, it will be your ass."

  3. T.I.'s wife, Tiny, however, does not support his suggestion that all Houston locations be shut down and boycotted. She, however, agreed that the security guard should be reprimanded.

    More details on the incident will be reported as they come.

Written by Moriba Cummings

(Photos from left: VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images, Ethan Miller/Getty Images)


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