Kim Kardashian Just Scorched Another One Of Kanye’s Enemies And Twitter Is Screaming

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Kim Kardashian Just Scorched Another One Of Kanye’s Enemies And Twitter Is Screaming

She got petty AF in her epic Twitter rant.

Published May 26, 2018

If you thought the Drake and Pusha T beef already had enough layers, get ready to add some more.

  1. After Pusha came for Drizzy on his Daytona song “Infared,” the Toronto rapper responded on a track called “Duppy Freestyle” where he also dissed Kanye West, who produced the song.

    On “Duppy Freestyle,” Drake demanded he send Pusha an invoice for presumably bringing more attention to his album and thus create more sales.

    All of this apparently prompted Che “Rhymefest” Smith to come out against Kanye as well over Donda’s House, a nonprofit co-founded by himself and West in honor of ‘Ye’s late mother. Apparently, the last time Rhymefest reached out to Kanye over the foundation, his response was less-than-flattering.

  2. Apparently, Kim Kardashian subsequently saw the tweet and decided to come for Rhymefest and got hella petty in the process.

  3. "U haven’t been right since u got kicked out of the studio in Hawaii wearing fake Yeezy’s @RHYMEFEST 😂 You’re over levergenging Kanye’s name & asked Kanye to donate money to u so stop w your fake community politics & lies," she wrote on Twitter. "Truth is you haven’t been able to sustain the foundation."

    Kim, you need to stop fighting Kanye's battles for him. As for 'Ye's reaction to any of this, he's remained silent, now caught between his artists and who was supposedly his buddy, and now also, the person who runs one of his foundations.

    This is getting really messy. What's next? Meek Mill comes in and tries to bring everyone together?

    Don't call us on that. It's kind of what we're hoping for though.

    Oh yeah, and Twitter also had a lot to say about this new revelation, particularly Kim's interesting spelling of "leveraging."

Written by Paul Meara

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Business of Fashion


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