Kim Kardashian Tweets A Message To Donald Trump After Getting Dragged For White House Meeting

Kim Kardashian Tweets A Message To Donald Trump After Getting Dragged For White House Meeting

The two reality stars met yesterday about prison reform.

Published May 31, 2018

Kim Kardashian's recent meeting with President Donand Trump, where she sought to discuss prison reform, was met with a slew of critiques from the public. 

In fact, one of the most respected publications in the nation took aim at the reality stars in their latest cover, and it seemed to spark a response from both the POTUS and the reality TV royal.

Following their meeting, Trump posted a photo of the two in the Oval Office, supported by a caption thanking the reality star and beauty guru for coming. The picture quickly went viral:

  1. However, the moment still didn't go over well with the public as shown in the latest cover of the New York Post, which dubbed Kardashian "Kim Thong Un," in addition to the main headline, "Trump Meets Rump."

  2. Despite the backlash, Kardashian thanked Trump for his time and expounded a bit more on their conversation, which was inspired by her advocacy for a pardon for Alice Marie Johnson.

  3. As previously reported, Johnson is a great-grandmother who is currently serving a life sentence for a non-violent drug offense. She has already spent more than 20 years behind bars for what has been confirmed as her very first offense.

    Kardashian recently posted a letter Johnson sent her, thanking her for her advocacy and hard work in attempting to get her exonerated.

  4. Interestingly enough, however, despite the premise of Kardashian's and Trump's meeting, which was to ultimately seek pardoning for Johnson — an African-American great-grandmother who has been locked up for two decades for her first offense — less than 24 hours ago, Trump pardoned a slew of wealthy white collar criminals, instead.

    According to CNN, the former Celebrity Apprentice host, as of Thursday morning, has announced that he will pardon Dinesh D'Souza and a group of other celebrities including the likes of Rod Blagojevich and Martha Stewart.

    Anyhow, see how Twitter reacted to Kardashian and Trump's moment, below:

Written by Moriba Cummings

(Photos from left: Jason Kempin/Getty Images, MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)


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