U OK? Wendy Williams Burst Into Tears On Live TV, And Twitter Is Concerned

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U OK? Wendy Williams Burst Into Tears On Live TV, And Twitter Is Concerned

One story hit too close to home for the talk show queen.

Published June 7, 2018

Wendy Williams recently broke down in tears while sharing the news of designer Kate Spade's suicide with her audience.

During the "Hot Topics" segment of Wednesday's episode of her morning talk show, Williams began crying while sharing the daily struggles women in her and Spades' age range experience.

"If you're too young, then maybe you can't maybe relate to what a 55-year-old woman goes through, but I got to say, it's a weird age group," she said as she reached for a cotton swab to wipe her tears. "Some of us have children going off to college, some of us are grandparents, some of us have loved and lost — maybe never to love again. Some of us are very sick, can't walk, or even speak our names. It's an odd age group."

While her tears seemed random and slightly alarming to her co-hosts, she made a point to stress that they weren't in connection to her marriage.

"Reportedly — please save your 'Why you crying? Is you and Kevin OK?' —  Yes! Kevin is OK! We're OK!," she said. "But I sympathize with this struggle. I have friends in this age group, and we're all going through a little something."

Watch her break it down, below:

  1. Her viewers took to Twitter to share their sympathy, with many expressing that they completely relate:

Written by Moriba Cummings

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