Youtube Stars Kingsley & Tré Melvin On Slang, Poom Poom Shorts Etiquette & How To Get A Laugh

Youtube Stars Kingsley & Tré Melvin On Slang, Poom Poom Shorts Etiquette & How To Get A Laugh

Get to know these rising stars out of Vidcon.

Published June 23, 2018

Kingsley and Tré Melvin are just two of the rising YouTube stars you should become familiar with, if you aren't already.  They've eached earned massive followings thanks to a unique brand of humor fueled by astute and timely observations. 

  1. Kingsley is a pop culture enthusiast known for his awards show recaps and snarky sense of humor. He wants to provide an escape where people can forget about reality for a minute and just laugh or cry and be entertained. He’s an envelope pusher with late night talk show aspirations. He admits to wanting to take current events in news and make them funny. No longer relying heavily on reading and dragging people in his videos, Kingsley has come into himself and found his voice in a professional sense. He’s learned to filter himself a bit more and skillfully craft a joke.

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    For Tré Melvin, who began making videos as a freshman, it’s not unheard of for him to be out partying until 3 am and then wake up to edit one of his videos before breakfast. His style has changed along the way, going from sketch comedy, sketch 'dramedy', and straight drama, to short episodic web series and social justice commentary. He will not be easily bullied by faceless haters and even thinks that people should have to pay for a Tré Melvin clapback. His reading time is money.

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    BET, in partnership with Vidcon, spoke with both the YouTube fashion stars and asked them to weigh in on some random but fitting topics.

    Gabby Garments
    Tré Melvin:
    “Clothes just speak to me. I open the drawer and they pop out and say ‘this is you today.’”

    Fashion Ambition
    “The sense of male and female clothing. I went to a Fashion Nova storefront and felt free. I wish there wasn’t a divide. I wish that would be dismantled.”

    Bad Trends
    Tré Melvin:
    “I try not to judge, not to criticize. If it doesn’t negatively impact me or other people doesn’t mean other people still don’t see value in it.”

    Don’t Use Slang Challenge
    “You want to be sassy but you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    YouTube Star Perks
    Tré Melvin:
    “It’s nice to voice my opinion and not have people argue back.”

    An Average Day
    Tré Melvin:
    “Editing or drinking or both."

    Coochie Cutter Conjecture
    “Wear it, do whatever you want. Show the cheeks. If you got them. Let them hang. It’s hot as hell out. We don’t have time for sweatpants.”

    Tré Melvin: “Show that pussy off girl. If I had one I would too.”

Written by Paul Meara

Photos via Alvy Johnson.


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