Evelyn Lozada Shares Shocking Photo From Domestic Dispute With Chad Johnson After Tami Roman Accuses Her Of Lying

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Evelyn Lozada Shares Shocking Photo From Domestic Dispute With Chad Johnson After Tami Roman Accuses Her Of Lying

The drama started on ‘Basketball Wives’ and escalated from there.

Published June 26, 2018

Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada shared raw footage from the domestic violence dispute that ended her marriage to Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson. Lozada's candid post comes after her BBW co-star Tami Roman accused her of lying about the incident during a recent episode of their hit show.

Sharing images of her battered face, Lozada attempted to silence critics of domestic violence survivors. "Shaming directed at the survivor is just WRONG on so many levels. The mindset of anyone who would think that the one being abused did something to incite the situation unsettles me!"

"When someone builds up enough courage to speak their truth—they should be believed and supported. And for those that choose to victim blame—pause and think about the inner turmoil and emotional conflict you can potentially cause for the survivor," she continued. 

Lozada went on to discusus how she moved past the 2012 incident. "I know that all DV situations are different. In my case, it was the love and support our families and a willingness and concerted effort by both of us to heal; my ex and I coexist, harbor no ill will and have moved forward."

Once the reality star's post went viral, Chad Johnson's daughter Jicyra graciously thanked Lozada for coming forward and opened up about how it inspired her through the years.

"When you left him as it taught me that despite feelings, emotions and commitments... you must always maintain a true commitment to yourself. The ability to stand up, face the truth of a situation and step into the unknown by faith alone is the true definition of strength. Bravo to you for being true to you and teaching me the same... Still grateful to have you in [my] life," the rising model wrote.

Touched by Johnson's shout-out, Lozada reposted her comment and sent love her way. "This means the world to me. I deeply appreciate your words “Poop” - I will always love you, your brother, and sisters. I want to apologize that you all have to relive this unfortunate incident all because I’m on this show," she wrote.

Opening up about how victim blaming impacts more than just the two people involved in domestic disputes, Lozada added, "It isn’t fair that people who don’t know the full story will speak on this matter or not think of the innocent people involved; our children & families. Thank you for supporting me; I know it can’t be easy since I know how much you love your Dad. You have become a wise & intelligent young woman."

The debate over Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada's convo about domestic violence on Basketball Wives left Twitter divided.

Take a look at what Twitter had to say about it below:

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