‘Atlanta’ Star Lakeith Stanfield Is Getting Dragged By The Internet For Homophobic Comments

attends the 2018 BET Awards at Microsoft Theater on June 24, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.

‘Atlanta’ Star Lakeith Stanfield Is Getting Dragged By The Internet For Homophobic Comments

He apologized.

Published June 27, 2018

Atlanta star LaKeith Stanfield disappointed several of his fans when he recorded and posted a freestyle in which he used gay slurs. 

After he posted the problematic video to his Instagram account, he received much backlash and eventually deleted it. Now, after a well deserved dragging, the actor has returned to social media to apologize.

The original video he posted was captioned "Offensive freestyle (not for the easily offended)" and featured lyrics that members of the LGBTQ community and even women, in general, took offense to.

Listen for yourself, below:

  1. Seemingly coming to his senses after his followers put him in check, Stanfield issued an apology via a Twitter video. However, he explained that he makes these videos as characters and stressed that they often do not reflect his true feelings. 

    OK, bruh...

    "I apologize if I hurt anybody, sincerely," he said. "That wasn't my intention — to be somebody that was out here just slinging arrows and hurting people, so I want them to know that I apologize that they had to feel sadness from that. So, my sincerest apologies."

    Putting more emphasis on the accusations of homophobia, he reiterated that he has no hatred towards anyone, despite what the video displayed.

    "I've never been homophobic," he continued. "Have never agreed with homophobic thought or hatred toward anyone, for that matter. I'm a person that moves in love and I want to promote and continue to push that."

    See his full apology, below:

  2. His "I'm sorrys" proved to be inadequate for most of Twitter, which still had major problems with him even fathoming the thought of making the ridiculous video in the first place.

    See how they reacted, below:

Written by Moriba Cummings

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