Haters Gonna Hate: Social Media Is Relentlessly Clowning Mo’Nique For Her ‘Sweaty Kitty’ While Working Out

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Haters Gonna Hate: Social Media Is Relentlessly Clowning Mo’Nique For Her ‘Sweaty Kitty’ While Working Out

When did sweating while working out become a crime?

Published July 12th

Mo'Nique has been extremely vocal about the diet and lifestyle changes she's made to transform her body and improve her health. Unfortunately, her candidness resulted in some online ridicule.

No stranger to sharing video footage of her working out, Mo'Nique's latest fitness-inspired post garnered attention for all the wrong reasons.

While she was focused on sweating off pounds and improving her health, social media commenters were more worried about the fact that Mo'Nique was actually sweating through her workout gear.

Workkkkkk #monique #heymyloves

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When popular online blog Baller Alert reposted Mo'Nique's video, the comment section quickly divided over whether or not it was appropriate for Mo'Nique to post the video.

"Why tf her p***y sweating so much, " one commenter wrote. Another chimed in writing,"I could have went my entire life without seeing Monique sweat from her snatch and I would have been just fine."

While there were haters calling her out for her perspiration, other fans came to her defense. "If you tell me y'all don't sweat out down there when y'all workout y'all a bunch of liars," one commenter wrote.

Another commenter replied to a shady comment writing, "You must be perfect. lol you ever think the video was a spur of the moment thing? Or maybe she's proud to display how hard she's working? You must be mad miserable ma!"

Despite the online debate, we've got to admit that Mo'Nique looks pretty good. The comedian and actress recently revealed that she she lost so much weight that she's under 200 pounds for the first time since she was a teenager. Hate it or love it, whatever she's doing appears to be paying off.

Written by BET Staff

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