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Does Sanaa Lathan Look Better Bald?

Does Sanaa Lathan Look Better Bald?

Watch her shave it all off in the trailer for Netflix’s “Nappily Ever After.”

Published August 3, 2018

Sanaa Lathan is ready to bare it all in her next project, the Netflix original film Nappily Ever After.

Throughout the story, the themes of self-worth and inner beauty are boldly explored with the actress bravely cutting off her hair in a powerful and undoubtedly memorable scene.

In the recently released trailer for the film, it can immediately be seen that Violet Jones (Lathan) links her self-worth to her hair. From her romantic relationships to her professional interactions, her hair plays a major role in the progression of her life.

In the midst of an identity crisis, however, she tearfully shaves her head bald and what follows needs to be seen.

"I've worked so hard to be perfect, and it still wasn't enough," Violet said in the clip after noticing the differences in the treatment she received from others, following the big chop. "My hair was like a second job. Now, I'm forced to focus on myself. I wonder who I'll be."

The movie was directed by Haifaa Al-Mansour and written by Adam Brooks and Cee Marcellus. It is also based on the novel of the same name by Trisha R. Thomas.

Take a look at the trailer, below:

Nappily Ever After premieres on September 21, exclusively on Netflix.

Written by Moriba Cummings

(Photo: YouTube)


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