Nick Cannon Responds To Azealia Banks With A Very Unexpected Clap Back

Nick Cannon Responds To Azealia Banks With A Very Unexpected Clap Back

SMH, is it over or nah?

Published August 25, 2018

It’s no secret that there was some tension between Nick Cannon and Azealia Banks.

ICYMI: The tension became noticeable when the Harlem femcee caused an uproar after a Cardi B joke from DC Young Fly set off an uncomfortable and unexpected chain of events which included Azealia accusing the cast and crew of attacking her with misogynoir and anti-Black insults in front of a live studio audience. Yikes!

In efforts to squash any beef, Nick took to Instagram to make sure the 27-year-old rapper felt loved.

The Wild ‘n Out star took the ultimate high road by thanking her for coming on his show and being a trooper by sticking through a taping with what he calls the “funniest, rawest, and most talented individuals in the game.”

“All the pageantry and pandemonium aside I would like to say Thank you to @azealiabanks and her team for being a part of our hit show and helping provide these great ratings. ”

The 37-year-old show creator even quoted our forever First Lady, Michelle Obama.

“In the words of our Forever First Lady Michelle Obama, ‘When they go low, we go High’. And I can honestly say I have great respect and admiration for @azealiabanks for coming back out and completing the show like a strong Queen and going High that day. Anyone who can even come on Wild ‘n Out and show a different side of themselves and have the courage to go up against some of the funniest, rawest, and most talented individuals in the game, says a lot about one's character.”

Not only did he thank her, but he also showed her the love via heart emojis.

“Hopefully she receives this opportunity to fly on this higher frequency of positivity and as the Great Dr. Frances Cress Welsing teaches in the Color Confrontation Theory, we as a people must learn to empower and love ourselves. So here is some Love @AzealiaBanks ❤️”

Check out the post yourself:

We sure hope that the rappers can work out their differences.

Written by BET Staff

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