Regina Hall On Being A Waitress: 'I Wasn't Amazing At It'

HOLLYWOOD, CA - AUGUST 22:  Regina Hall arrives to the premiere of Magnolia Pictures' "Support The Girls" at the ArcLight Hollywood on August 22, 2018 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Regina Hall On Being A Waitress: 'I Wasn't Amazing At It'

But she's great in her new movie, "Support the Girls."

Published August 30, 2018

Support the Girls hit theaters last week. The comedy film depicts numerous women working at a highway-side “sports bar with curves” called Double Whammies and stars Regina Hall as Lisa Conroy.


Hall’s character is the general manager of the establishment, and she fiercely commands and defends her female employees. Without giving away too much about the film, reality steps in and turns the bar into quite an alternate reality.

Regina recently sat down with BET’s Melissa Murray and described her real world experience as a waitress. Hall says she worked in numerous establishments in New York City, including an Italian restaurant near Lincoln Center and another spot on Park Avenue South. According to her, she wasn’t “amazing at it.”

“Waitresses are extremely organized mentally,” she said. “You have to keep track of your tables and who hasn’t gotten their food and efficiency so everything runs smoothly, and I don’t think I had it ‘cause I always forgot people’s food, but I blamed it on the kitchen [laughs].”

Haley Lu Richardson (who plays Maci) and Shayne McHayle (who plays Danyelle) also described jobs they had prior to becoming actresses. See what everyone had to say below.


Written by Paul Meara

Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images


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