50 Cent Hints At A Huge 'Power' Plot Twist, And Naturi Naughton's Having None Of It

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50 Cent Hints At A Huge 'Power' Plot Twist, And Naturi Naughton's Having None Of It

The internet's also debating over the controversy.

Published August 31, 2018

The Power chatter has been intense over the past few days after Sunday’s (August 26) episode during which Kanan was killed by police.

  1. Now, theories about the Starz show are running rampant on Twitter and the cast is split about them.

    There’s speculation swirling around the social media app claiming that Kanan and Tasha had a “thing” back in the day and some are even going all the way in and musing that Tariq and Raina may be his kids.

    Show creator Courtney Kemp hopped onto Twitter last month and while she was happy people were so invested in the show, she denied that this conspiracy theory has any truth to it.

  2. Still, some people weren’t completely buying it, including 50 Cent.

  3. Fif hopped onto Instagram yesterday (August 30) and brought the whole Kanan and Tasha hooking up theory again.

  4. Well, Naturi Naughton, who plays Tasha St. Patrick, ain’t having NONE of it from 50 Cent or any of you conspiracy theorists.

  5. Wow. She got it all together real quick. And even though 50 has a lot of say as to what goes on in the show’s plot and plays Kanan, still, he’s a troll that loves to keep people talking. Mission accomplished.

Written by Paul Meara

Photo: Leon Bennett/WireImage


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