Prayers Up: Dr. Danielle Spencer, Mostly Known As 'Dee' From 'What's Happening,' Underwent Emergency Surgery

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Prayers Up: Dr. Danielle Spencer, Mostly Known As 'Dee' From 'What's Happening,' Underwent Emergency Surgery

Her life was on the line.

Published October 5, 2018

Former child star, Dr. Danielle Spencer, known for her role as "Dee" in the '70s sitcom What's Happening!!, recently shared that she underwent an emergency procedure to save her life.

According to several online reports, Dr. Spencer is now in a serious medical crisis and needs the help of her fans to make it through a tough spot.

This all dates back to more than 42 years ago when former actress was involved in a car accident that left her father dead and her in a three-week coma. As time passed, she healed and overcame her injuries, going on to become a veterinarian and even, more impressively, beat cancer.

Most recently, exactly 42 years to the anniversary of the initial accident on September 7, Dr. Spencer suffered a severe aneurysm, causing her to undergo emergency brain surgery.

Her friend took to Twitter, recently, to share the happenings with her fans and ask for donations:

As detailed in the extensive description on the page, Dr. Spencer had been complaining of headaches for weeks and suddenly lost consciousness, eventually. She was immediately rushed to the hospital after falling into a coma.

She eventually had to have a bleeding hematoma removed that was formed as a result of the accident that occurred more than four decades ago.

"The surgery was a success and she must now heal and recover," the GoFundMe page her friends created reads. "As of today, it is not known how long she will be in recovery because of her recent bout with cancer and spinal cord injury."

While the duration of her recovery remains a mystery, it is known that it will be quite costly. Thus, her GoFundMe campaign goal was set for $25,000.

We wish Dr. Spencer a speedy recovery.

Written by Moriba Cummings

(Photo by Bobby Bank/WireImage)


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