Ghost, Is That You? ‘Power’ Star Omari Hardwick Gets Heated When A Fan Disrespects His Family

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Ghost, Is That You? ‘Power’ Star Omari Hardwick Gets Heated When A Fan Disrespects His Family

The actor took the time to angrily address the viral situation.

Published November 1, 2018

Omari Hardwick is known for his usual mellow demeanor off-screen, as seen in his interviews, but the actor seemed to tap into his infamous Power character James "Ghost" St. Patrick when he was asked to re-address a triggering situation involving a fan and his family.

In case you missed it, the actor got into a social media tug of war with a fan, back in early October, who claimed he was rude to her when he declined her request for a photo. Hardwick explained in the post that he simply said "no" because he was spending time with his family.

During a recent appearance on Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club, promoting his new film Nobody's Fool alongside Tika Sumpter, he was asked to explain his side of the story when DJ Envy played some audio of the alleged woman from the incident who previously called in to the show.

After hearing the recording, Hardwick began giving a calm response and explanation, but quickly became irate once he began speaking of his wife.

"She sat there and looked at me and said, 'Really?' And I said, 'Really. I'm with my family. God bless you.'" he said. "I'm like, yeah, 'Sometimes people say no.' She wasn't odd for walking up, whether a 100 miles or 500 miles. You don't think we're humbled by that? Just acknowledge our family. N***a, this woman to my right [his wife] has saved my life! You don't really know the story!"

His anger only seemed to intensify once he began elaborating on the significance his wife holds in his life and why he was bothered that the fan ignored her presence.

"N***a, I was broke as f**k! She saved my f*****g life!" he yelled. "Chill the f**k out! Just relax and acknowledge her enough — it can be half of a look! You've acknowledged that she's a breathing entity. Motherf*****s is crazy!"

Watch him defend his wife's honor, below:

Written by Moriba Cummings

(Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images)


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