Wayment: Are Cynthia Bailey And Her News Anchor Bae Tying The Knot After Just Six Months Of Dating?

ATLANTA, GA - OCTOBER 02:  Cynthia Bailey attends a celebration with the cast of growing up Hip Hop Atlanta at Tongue & Groove on October 2, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)

Wayment: Are Cynthia Bailey And Her News Anchor Bae Tying The Knot After Just Six Months Of Dating?

There might be a ‘Real Housewives’ wedding coming soon.

Published November 11th

Things are moving hella fast for Cynthia Bailey and her relationship with Fox Sports anchor Mike Hill.

The two have only been dating for six months and recently sat down with Entertainment Tonight to talk about their quickly-progressing romance.

According to Mike, they couple met on the Steve Harvey Show. Hill was asked to be a bachelor on a dating game. At first he admits he wasn’t interested, but then learned it was for Cynthia.

“I was doing a radio show at Fox, and my co-host knew one of the producers over there and asked me if I would go on and be one of the bachelors for a dating game, and I was like, ‘For who?’” he recalled. “And they said, ‘One of the Real Housewives.’ And I said, ‘Which one?’ And they said, Cynthia Bailey, and I said, OK! Yeah, all right. I’ll do that.”

“I didn’t think anything of it,” Hill continued. “I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t think Cynthia Bailey needed to go on a dating game to find love. She’s beautiful, she’s fine, kind, compassionate, all that stuff, and seems really genuine, but I went on there not knowing what to expect, and thank goodness it just worked out for us!”

Here’s the episode of the Steve Harvey Show where they met.

Cynthia says she’s ready to tie the knot now, and it mostly has to do with her age. “There’s no rules!” she exclaims. “I’m 51 years old. I don’t have rules. One thing people keep saying to me, well, one of the things people keep saying to us is, ‘This is great, but do you think you’re moving too fast? Do you think it’s going so fast?’ Hello, we’re grown! It’s not like we’re 20! I can’t go fast — can I go faster is the question. I really want to run toward my future with him. I love him, I’m at peace.”

Could there be a Real Housewives wedding in the near future? Guess we’ll have to see.

Written by Paul Meara

Photo: Prince Williams/WireImage


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